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Welcome to CIOunplugged.

If you are an IT leader on your way to the C-Suite, or already there, I hope you will find items of interest here.

I am a retired CIO (aka unplugged) and will be posting in this blog to share what I wish I had known before I rose to the senior ranks in IT. While I was fortunate to have some great mentors along the way, I didn’t always know what questions to ask.

We each re-create the role of CIO, as there is no cookie-cutter definition of Chief Information Officer. The role is defined by our personal experience and the context of the organization we serve. It is defined by the shareholder’s priorities and the regulator’s requirements. It is defined by the talents of our team. Every day is a challenge. Every day brings its own rewards.

Join the discussion. Find the challenges and rewards of your career in the postings and comments in CIOunplugged.

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Cindy Seibel

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